Glass aluminum solar road stud HT-RS-SG1

Short Description:

High load-bearing,high impact resistance,friction resistance,corrosion resistance,Long life span


  • Item No:: HT-RS-SG1
  • Waterproof:: IP68
  • Visual:: 800M
  • Color:: Yellow,Red,Blue,Green,White
  • Size:: Φ100mm*64mm
  • Working Time: More than 200hours for flashing model,72 hours for steady
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    Glass aluminum solar road studstuds are flashing solar cell powered LED maintenance-free lighting devices used in road construction to delineate road edges and centre lines. Embedded in the road surface, they are an electronic improvement on the traditional cat eyes in that they may give drivers more than a thirty-second reaction window compared with about 3 seconds for conventional reflective devices. The intense brightness of the LED makes them easily visible at distances of about 900 m under favorable conditions.

    Product name
    Tempered glass solar road stud
    Body Material
    Tempered Glass
    Power Supply
    2.5V160MA High efficeent solar panel
    1.2V/600MAH NI-MH battery
    φ5 Ultra bright LED 6pcs super brightness >5000mcd
    Working Mode
    Life Span
    3-5 years for NI-MH batteries , more than 5 years for LiFePO4 battery
    Working Temperature
    -20 ℃ ~ + 80 ℃
    light intensity of beginning
    less then 500Lux(can be adjusted as per request)
    Load bearing
    Working hours
    1.Blinking:200hours for lithum battery; 30hours for super capacitor after fully charged.
    2.Constant:100 hours for lithum battery; 15hours for super capacitor after fully charged.
    1 300 300

    > Long standby time,360 degree reflect;

    > High luminous intensity. Anti -high (low) temperature;

    > Better dustproof effect,active luminescence and strong warning effect

    > This solar spike is very popular in the Philippines, we have 16 years of factory production experience, specializing in providing quality road safety protection products to customers around the world.

    >> Do you know how a glass aluminum solar road stud?

    Glass aluminum solar road stud convert the light energy of sunlight into electricity for LED. Solar panels absorb sunlight during the day ,and if it is cloudy,it will not be affected,and will continue to absorb light energy and store it in lithium batteries. The electricity stored in the lithium batteries at night is automatically converted into light energy and emitted through the diode. Whether it is rainy or snowy ,it will automatically light up to remind the driving driver to poss. There is a reflective film installed inside the solar road stud , so that the visible distance of the high-brightness LED can reach more than 800 meters.Avoid traffic accidents and ensure the safe and normal passage of drivers.

    >> Installation process

    1、Measure the distance between the solar glass spikes on the pavement. Drill holes with drilling tools to a depth of 65 mm and a diameter of 102 mm;

    2、Clean up the debris when the hole is finished;

    3、Appropriate amount of epoxy resin glue;

    4、Place the Glass aluminum solar road  stud in the hole, making sure the epoxy glue is all around the spike;

    5、After curing the LED solar road stud for 6-8 hours, remove the installation of the isolation facility.



    1.  Asphalt glue can be used to connect the solar road stud and the ground, however, if the epoxy resin is used, the ground should be clean and dry.

    2.  Don’t touch the top of the solar road stud to avoid putting adhesive onto it to influence the luminous effect.  The solar road stud cannot be installed in the place with water and greasy dirt.

    3.  The separation facilities can be moved away 4 hours after installation.

    4.  Install the solar road stud in the place where can absorb sunlight.

    >> Application scenario


    >> certificate

    Our company has complete certificates of products. Products have related waterproof certificate, anti - pressure certificate. If you need us to produce the specified certificate, we can also handle it.


    WISTRON is committed to providing high quality solar spike, road cones, speed bumps and other road traffic safety protection products, which are favored by customers around the world.  We have 16 years of factory and have a professional R & D team, to provide you with one-stop service, support customization and offline factory inspection.  WISTRON only do high quality solar spike, our timely delivery, service quality.  Welcome your consultation!

    >> FAQ :

    Q:Could I get samples ?

    A: Yes, of course, low value samples are free, and for our customers who have worked with, not only free samples but also free freight.

    Q: Do you have MOQ: A: No MOQ, we can also accept OEM and ODM Q: Do you offer warranty?

    A: Solar products guarantee time is 1-2 years, common products life time are according to the working environment

    Q:What’s the price?

    A: As you know, different quantity different price, the bottom price are based on the quantity, delivery time and payment method.

    Q: How can I make order?

    A: Firstly, you need contact with us,then talk about the details, everything is OK, we will make proforma invoice ,then you can pay for by T/T/West Union/ by Alibaba.

    Q: How can I get the cargo

    A: If samples order, we can delivery by air, such as DHL, UPS, FedEx etc, if more, delivery by sea, by air, by train, we can also supply door to door service

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