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G105 : solar road stud HT-RS-G105

Material: PC+aluminum

IL300: solar road stud HT-RS-IL300


SG1-1: solar road stud HT-RS-SG1-1

Material:Tempered Glass
+Aluminum Shell

SA6: solar road stud HT-RS-SA6

+PMMA reflector


Solar road stud

Reflective Road Stud

Glass Road Stud

Plastic Road Stud

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Beijing Wistron Technology Ltd. was founded in 2012. is a comprehensive company integrating industry and trade. It is a comprehensive enterprise focusing on the research and development, production and sales of Solar energy road safety products facilities and related conventional traffic equipment. At present, the company has product patents, with a complete and scientific ISO9001 quality management system, products have passed CE, ROHS, FCC, IP68 and other certification, as well as in line with the European and American ASTM D4280 and EN1463-1 standards.

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We have been devoted to researching, developing and producing solar traffic products and led lighting products with a high starting point.

Features And Applications Of Warning Posts

The Warning Post serves as a vital safety tool, distinguished by key features that enhance visibility and durability in various applications. Delineator Post Features: High Visibility:The spring post boasts vibrant colors, like bright orange or yellow, ensuring...

Solar Road Studs Light Up The Road

Solar Road Studs revolutionize road safety with a blend of innovation and sustainability. Crafted for effectiveness and durability, these road studs redefine the way we navigate and secure our roads. Active Illumination: Solar-powered LEDs actively light up roads,...

Solar Road Stud Lights: Crafting Safety Step by Step!

Ever wondered about the fascinating journey of Solar Road Studs from concept to reality? Let's unveil the production process behind these beacons of road safety! 1.Material Selection: Careful selection of high-quality materials, from durable aluminum to robust...

Aluminum Solar Road Studs: Revolutionizing Road Safety

Aluminum Solar Road Studs represent a leap forward in road safety, combining durability with sustainable technology. These innovative devices find versatile applications, contributing significantly to the enhancement of transportation infrastructure. Aluminum Solar...

What Colour Are The Reflective Studs On A Motorway?

Plastic road studs are road markers made of plastic, usually used to mark road edge lines, lane boundaries, parking spaces, etc. Reflective studs are durable, easy to install and highly visible.Plastic road spikes have several advantages over traditional metal...

Solar Road Studs: Illuminating Roads Globally

From the bustling streets of the Philippines to the vast highways of the United States, Solar Road Studs have become a ubiquitous symbol of innovation in road safety, embraced by nations across the world. Solar pavement studs have captured the world's attention,...