Folding Traffic Cone

The synchronized solar road stud which is also called solar co-frequency road stud,reflers to the solar road studs installed separated but flash in the same frequency. The solar road stud is using GPS、bluetooth chip to achieve the solar road markes synchronization



1. Durable, long service life
2. Superb elastic
3. Fluorescent and glistening to be noticed
4. Light weighted to be carried conveniently.




Collapsible traffic cone is designed to be retractable, it is one of the most convenient type of traffic cone, with its top can be equipped with special warning lights. There are two kinds of collapsible traffic cones according to different materials: PP and ABS. It serves to lead traffic and protect construction sites and passerby, etc.


Material Model Height Base Size
PP HT-TC-D55/60/65 550-650mm 306*306*38mm
HT-TC-D40/45/50 400-500mm 245*245*36mm
HT-TC-D-30/35 300-350mm 190*190*45mm
ABS HT-TC-D55/60/65/70A 550-700mm 305*305*50mm
HT-TC-D40/45/50A 400-500mm 244*244*37mm

Collapsible traffic cone it is largely applied in the schools and car parks, parking lots, garages, construction sites, hotels, amusement parks, airports, hospitals, etc.