Solar Traffic Sign

Solar Traffic Sign Feature

Solar traffic signs are the most advanced solar powered road signs in the market. They feature the most durable form factor, and ultra-bright light, visible at at great distances both day and night, functions as a solar Traffic Light.
Solar signs (solar flashing beacons) enhance awareness for drivers and pedestrians in school zones, heavy traffic, or accident-prone areas. Available in either amber or red LED lights. Solar signs are MUTCD compliant and solar-powered. Place in any location with no wiring needed, and they’re completely self-contained, low cost and low maintenance. They work on renewable energy and can easily enhance stop sign visibility at problem intersections.

Where do I install this?

– New signs or crosswalks
– Temporary construction traffic
– Dangerous curves
– Crosswalks
– Intersections with high blow-through rates
– Poorly lit areas
– Highway