Roller Barrier


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A roller barrier, also known as a roller guard or a roller barrier system, is a safety device used to prevent or mitigate accidents on roads, highways, and other transportation infrastructure. It is designed to enhance road safety by redirecting or absorbing the energy of vehicles that veer off the road or collide with the barrier. Roller barriers typically consist of a series of cylindrical or barrel-shaped rollers mounted horizontally in a metal framework.

Here are some key features and benefits of roller barriers:

Energy Absorption: Roller barriers are designed to absorb the kinetic energy of a colliding vehicle gradually, reducing the severity of the impact. The rolling motion of the barrels dissipates the energy over a longer distance, thus reducing the deceleration forces on the vehicle and its occupants.

Directional Control: When a vehicle impacts a roller barrier, the rollers rotate, which helps redirect the vehicle back onto the road, preventing it from crossing into oncoming traffic or colliding with fixed objects like trees or poles.

Versatility: Roller barriers can be used in various road and highway configurations, including straight sections, curves, and bridges. They can also be installed in both permanent and temporary settings.

Reduced Maintenance: Roller barriers are typically low-maintenance because the rollers rotate upon impact, minimizing damage to the barrier itself. This can result in cost savings over time compared to traditional rigid barriers that may require frequent repairs or replacement.

Improved Safety: Roller barriers are designed to enhance road safety by reducing the severity of crashes and preventing vehicles from leaving the road. They are often used in areas with a high risk of run-off-road accidents.

Compatibility: Roller barriers are compatible with other safety measures and technologies, such as guardrails, crash cushions, and electronic warning systems.

It’s important to note that roller barriers are just one type of road safety barrier system, and their effectiveness depends on various factors, including proper installation, maintenance, and adherence to safety standards and guidelines. Different regions and countries may have their own specifications and guidelines for the use of roller barriers in road safety applications.


Place of OriginHebei, China
Brand NameWistron
Brand NameWistron
KeywardsRolling Anti Crash Guardrail Road Roller Barrier
ColorYellow or customized
TypeOne or Two buckets
UsageRoadway barrier
SpecialEasily installation


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