Reflective Road Stud


■ Traffic Lanes- horizontal road markings

■ Arterial roads of medium intensity, motorways

■ Permanent and temporary road marking (yellow reflector)

■ Informing and guiding road users

Solar Road Stud

Pedestrian Crossing


Garden Decoration

Stairs and Steps

Public Places

Traffic Islands

Solar Traffic Sign And Solar Traffic Light

These solar powered signs can run during the day or at night only. At night, visibility can be up to two miles. You can set these signs to flash, Dim, or show a steady LED light. Our LED road signs install easily in any new or existing signpost or pole – because they are solar-powered, no power cord is required. The Solar Panels are fully adjustable and can be locked into the optimum sun angle.

We have ability to customize any kind of solar traffic sign according to your country’s standard.

Just need to provide the size of the sign to us and the location where you are going to install the signs and we can design the solar traffic signs for you

The solar traffic light is mainly used at the intersection in urban transport system, helping achieve both energy conservation and easy traffic management. The intelligent traffic light realizes photovoltaic power supply, control signal wireless transmission, and remote control on traffic signal, completely dispensing the limitation of the power supply and the circuit, and improving the traffic management level.

1.Easy Installation: Don’t need external power supply and install circuit on the road.

2.Energy Saving: Low power consumption and low cost with solar panel supply power.

3.Environmental Protection.: Containing no hazardous substance and emitting no pollution.

4.High Luminance: LED with Taiwan Epistar chip, providing a high luminance and slow light attenuation.

5.Stable Performance: With PIC series single chip microcomputer, protecting the circuit as well as stable function.

6.Long lifespan: LED lights can work more than 100,000 hours, and the solar panel can perform more than 25 years.

7.Firmly and Durable: With a die-casting mold , the PC shell can resist heavy compression, recession, and corrosion. 

And the solar panel is covered with tempered glass, and fixed by Aluminum frame.

8.Longer lighting time: It can work continually more than 100 hours in cloudy and rainy days after fully charged.

Traffic Cone

The safety traffic cones can be used in personal or public areas, like garden, parking lots, road, square. Create caution areas in your driveway or marks off safe places for kids play in the driveway or playground.