How To Install Solar Road Studs

The functions and use places of solar road studs are diverse. The installation of solar road studs requires the following preparatory steps.

First, prepare tools for installing solar road studs. The tools needed to install solar road studs are: measuring wheel and marker, core drill, core drill, electric drill or hammer and chisel, wet and dry vacuum cleaner, fixative, white wine and lint-free cloth, glue, high visibility jacket and pants , Safety shoes, gloves, goggles/safety glasses, ear protectors, etc.

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Secondly, complete safety equipment must be established to protect the safety of solar road stud installers. When installing solar road studs, it is not only necessary to temporarily close the road, but also to install a warning device near the road to prevent vehicles from entering. Installers of solar road studs need to wear reflective vests to remind vehicles.

These are the preparations for installing walkable road studs. After these tasks are completed, we can actually install solar road studs according to the drawings.

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1. Dangerous blind corners and sharp curves, black spots and poorly lit areas.
2. Areas with unpredictable weather conditions (coastal roads, foggy areas, wet and rainy areas, etc.).
3. Joint intersections, up and down ramps, center lines and dividing lines.
4. Entrance warnings, straight lanes, bridges, curves,
Crosswalks and sidewalks 5. WISTRON ultra-thin solar road studs can be installed on bicycle lanes and sidewalks.
6. Entertainment venues, parking lots, hotel entrances and gas stations, etc.
7. Guidance lines, traffic signs, roundabouts and mountain roads.

Post time: Jan- 03-28-2023