Solar-powered Smart Road Studs: Leading the Next Generation in Traffic Safety

Feb 4, 2024 | Industry News

Solar Smart Road Stud is a kind of intelligent traffic safety equipment, during the daytime through the solar panels to absorb sunlight will be solar energy into electricity, the night will be automatically converted into light energy, through the light-emitting components to send out a variety of colours of light, is mainly used to provide road marking and traffic warning, improve the visual warning effect of the drivers and pedestrians, so as to improve traffic safety by solar road stud lights in smart zebra crossings.

Features of led solar road studs:

  1. Solar power supply: the use of high-efficiency solar panels, make full use of solar energy resources, to achieve self-sufficient energy supply, without the need for external power support, with the advantages of environmental protection and long-lasting.
  2. Large luminous brightness: the luminous brightness of solar road studs is 6-7 times that of ordinary reflective road studs, and the high-intensity light can penetrate through the rain and fog at night, which can effectively guide the driver in a safe driving direction.
  3. Strong visual warning: at night or under adverse weather conditions, the solar-powered road studs provide obvious visual warning to drivers and pedestrians through the built-in LED lights in the form of flashing, changing colours or glowing light to help them notice the road condition and traffic situation.
  4. Energy-saving and environmentally friendly: solar smart road studs are charged by solar energy, which greatly reduces the consumption of energy and the impact on the environment, in line with the concept of sustainable development.
  5. Strong compression resistance: Highly translucent PC alloy lampshade, aluminium alloy die-casting unibody shell, IP68 grade waterproof, greatly improving the product’s life and durability.

Smart road studs with adjustable colour and flashing frequency:

  1. Lane line contouring: intelligent road studs can be in accordance with predefined rules, always light or flashing display white according to a specific frequency; when a vehicle passes, the intelligent road studs can change the colour and flashing frequency (yellow or red), the upper management platform can be intelligent road studs for remote operation, adjust the induction strategy.
  2. Vehicle parking warning: when the vehicle stops, the intelligent road studs in a certain range in front and behind the parking position flash red, prompting the vehicles in front and behind.
  3. Collision warning (extendable function): the main car driving in the road section, the system detects the main car, automatically the main car in front of and behind a certain range of road nails into yellow (colour adjustable), to achieve the rear car following the car warning, and the opposite direction of the oncoming car meeting warning function.

Solar road studs are suitable for installation in: ramp merging area, road diversion blind spot reminder, small radius curved area, tourist highway along the national highway countryside intersections, urban intelligent light-emitting zebra crossing and other scenarios.

With its efficient, reliable and environmentally friendly features, the solar-powered smart road studs play an important role in the field of road traffic safety.