What is the role of Traffic Cone in traffic management

May 8, 2024 | Company News

Traffic Cone plays an important role in maintaining order, safety and efficiency on the roads. Understanding the uses and costs of these devices can help inform better decisions about road planning and safety measures. Here’s everything you need to know about traffic cones and solar road spikes, including their availability and cost.

What role do traffic cones of different sizes play in traffic?

18 inch traffic cones

When it comes to guiding vehicles or pedestrians away from certain areas or highlighting temporary obstacles and danger zones, 18 inch traffic cones are a go-to for their noticeable bright orange hue and reflective stripes. They stand out, day or night, making them essential for managing traffic flow around road works, construction sites, accident scenes, or any unexpected emergency.18 inch traffic cones can be quickly placed and removed to help temporarily reroute traffic and manage traffic flow. In parking lots or racetracks, 18-inch traffic cones are often used to divide lanes and determine driving or walking paths.

Although the 18 inch traffic cones are smaller, they are still very recognizable due to their bright colors and reflective tape. However, on highways and other high-speed driving areas, larger traffic cones (such as 28-inch and 36-inch) may be more common because they provide a more visible visual cue.

28 in traffic cones

28 in traffic cones have high visibility and stability. 28 in traffic cones are easier to notice on highways and other high-speed driving areas, helping drivers recognize them in advance and follow directions. In driving school training, as well as train and bus driver training. 28 in traffic cones are used as simulated paths or obstacles. Temporarily block an area. 28 in traffic cones can be marked quickly and conspicuously.

36 traffic cone

36 traffic cones are the largest traffic cones on the market, and they provide a highly visible visual cue. 36 traffic cones help guide vehicles in the appropriate lane and alert drivers to nearby work zones or accident scenes in advance. In large-scale pavement projects, 36 traffic cones are often used to demarcate worksite areas to ensure the safety of drivers and structures. At large events such as music festivals, sports events or marathons. 36 traffic cones are usually used to delineate temporary lanes or pedestrian areas to achieve effective flow control.

Folding Traffic Cones can effectively reduce space utilization

In addition to traditional rigid cones, folding traffic cones enable traffic control. Folding traffic cone provide the same functionality as traditional traffic cones. But it has foldable features. This feature makes them portable and takes up less space. Ideal for emergency vehicle use or temporary setups.

How much do traffic cones cost

Traffic cone prices can differ widely, with variations reflecting their dimensions, construction substance, and the addition of visibility-enhancing features like reflective strips. To dive deeper into specifics and find the perfect fit for your needs, reach out to our team at the China Solar Road Stud manufacturer. Rest assured, the quality we offer is second to none, and we’ve got an array of options available, complete with pricing details to guide your decision. For a savvy buyer, looking around and weighing prices from several providers is the way to go—ensuring you snag an excellent deal that aligns with your project’s demands.


Learn about traffic cones and solar spikes for traffic management. They keep roads safer and more efficient. These accessories are always safer and more efficient. It brings greater advantages to traffic management.