Why solar road studs pay attention to waterproofing

Sep 5, 2023 | Company News

Solar road studs is a road side facility that uses solar energy to generate electricity. Due to its advantages of environmental protection, energy saving and self-sufficiency, it is widely as used in urban road lighting, traffic signs, intelligent transportation systems and other fields. However, parts of the solar cats, such as the electronic components and battery pack, are in an outdoor environment and are susceptible to factors. It is such as moisture and humidity, which can cause equipment failure. Therefore, the waterproof of solar road studs is very important.

HT-RS-G105 solar road stud
HT-RS-G105 solar road stud

First of all, the electronic components and battery pack and other parts of the solar road studs are high-precision, high-sensitivity components, once eroded by moisture or humid air. Meanwhile, it may lead to short circuit, damage and other failures, thus affecting the normal operation of the equipment. In addition, usually installation of the solar cats is next to the road, vulnerable to the influence of water, rain, mud and other factors on the road, if the waterproof performance of the equipment is not good, it will lead to water infiltration into the equipment, which causes damage to the circuit board and electronic components and other components.

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In order to ensure the normal operation of the solar road studs, improve its service life and reliability, WISTRON developed solar cats are IP68 class waterproof performance.

Solar road stud waterproof mainly adopts the following measures:

First of all, the solar road stud shell structure needs to be as designed reasonably, with sealing and waterproof performance, can effectively block the infiltration of moisture and humid air. WISTRON is made of thickened aluminum, which is corrosion-resistant and compression-resistant. Reasonable shell design can avoid the problem of water infiltration caused by carelessness in the installation process. However, it also can effectively resist a variety of harsh climate and environmental effects in the natural environment. It’s such as rain, snow, sand and so on.

solar road stud light

Secondly, the internal components of the solar cats need to be as wrapped and packaged with waterproof materials to prevent water intrusion into the inside of the equipment. Especially in the design of solar cats battery and electronic components, should choose waterproof and moisture-proof performance of materials. It is such as organic silicone, to avoid the problem of water erosion caused by material problems.

Thirdly, fine processing and assembly is also one of the key factors in the waterproof performance of solar road stud. WISTRON’s solar road stud is sealed with an epoxy resin adhesive. And also is manufactured and assembled under strict quality control to ensure the quality of each component.

solar road light

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